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NEW CYLANDIA Public Library


NEW CYLANDIA is a small gamedev collective inspired by other collectives such as Domino Club, Paradise, and Firepit Zone.

We are a strength-based community in which all members (also known as cy-baes) are encouraged to to contribute in whatever way they feel most capable/interested.

We also believe in empowering each other, as well as non-members, by giving them resources they may not have access to individually. The Public Library is an extention of that goal! Any member is free to contribute tutorials, tips & tricks, or other specialized knowledge in a format that is equally equally free to access to the wider internet.

As you browse the archives, please remember: Any benefit you gain from the knowledge here was made possible by another person's kindness and selflessness! Please be sure to trace the author back to their personal website/portfolio/socials and show your appreciation by buying/boosting/crediting their work as an individual.

Credit to the collective is also nice, but don't forget: it wouldn't exist without the people within it!